Static internal routing when using a VPN

I use as my primary VPN. The only problem is, connecting to it bypasses my firewall's routes to the vLAN's I've set up. One of those VLAN's has my TOR node, which I monitor through GeekTool 24/7. I do this by executing a SSH command and printing the output. However that's not possible when using the VPN because, as stated previously, the route isn't visible, so to speak.

No biggie, I'll merely add a static route. This is how to do that in Mac OS X:

	sudo route -n add -net [network/mask] [target gateway]

Which becomes:

	sudo route -n add -net

However, this is not persistent. This will only last until the machine is rebooted. For a persistent route, use the following instead:

	sudo networksetup -setadditionalroutes Ethernet [destination[mask]] [subnet] [gateway]

which would translate into:

	sudo networksetup -setadditionalroutes Ethernet