Keep Life Simple

I have a very straight-forward life philosophy. It became my life philosophy when I had my twins. Everything became harder in life - laundry took forever, making food took more time than anyone would want to spend in a kitchen, and there was no space anymore - for anything, it seemed. So without knowing it, I formulated a recipe for living life to the fullest: Keep shit simple. Or, less NSFW: "Keep Life Simple".

Those are words though, aren't they? Well, I'm gonna give you some examples.

As a homo sapiens in the 21st century, I'm gonna bet my left nut on three things: 1) You use socks. 2) You wear underwear. 3) You wear t-shirts.

I do these three things of course, so I decided that I would streamline this. I own a single type of underwear and they're all black. I own a single type of sock, and they're all black. The socks are all purchased at the same time, so when they start to wear out, I buy new ones and throw all the old ones out. In other words, I never have to spend any time wondering if sock A goes with sock B or not - they all go together just fine. Same goes for boxers - they're all the same size, same color (solid black), and it makes life sooooo much simpler. First of all, no choice here. Just grab a pair and you're done. Second, there's no sorting necessary. And the biggest win here: All underwear and socks go in the same wash and dryer cycle. It's dead simple.

Essentially the same thing goes for tshirts: They're all black. Different prints, yea, but they all go in the same wash.

I have enough clothes to last about 20 days. I do (my own) laundry once a week, and it's so straight forward: One load is underwear + socks. When that is done it all goes into the dryer. At the same time the jeans and tshirts go in a wash. When the washer and dryer are both done (roughly at the same time,) I hang up the wet tshirts and jeans and then fold away the dry underwear and socks. Effectively, I have spent less than 20 minutes doing a full week's worth of laundry. Zero sorting, zero thinking. Just pure to-do - which is easy as well.

So why do this? Why "limit" myself in this way? Well, because everything else demands so much of my time and cognitive space. I need to save somewhere.

This is just one example of how I keep my life simple. I'll probably think of more and I might write that up as well.

I strongly suggest that you do some thinking of your own processes in life. I think you'll be surprised at how much energy and time you'll save by just keeping life simple.