Don't tell me to remove my adblocker

If you ("you" being a website) tell me to disable my adblocker in order to view your content, I will leave. And that's a problem for you, not me.

You might think to yourself "But, if you don't wanna watch my ads, I won't make money off of you, so by loosing your traffic I'm not loosing anything."

You're wrong.

Actually, by leaving your site (and adding it to my list of banned websites actually,) I have drawn the conclusion that your content isn't worth the relatively low amount of pain that ads provide. And you're actually the one who devalued your content to the level of a few tenths of a cent, which is what an ad view might yield - at best.

YouTube (Google) understands this. They could have made YouTube useless for people with adblockers a long time ago, but they didn't - and they wont. They've realized that such an action would kill the platform real fucking quick.